Senior Living Services is a referral placement agency for Senior Housing options. Our service is free to clients and we work with you to find the best possible housing options for your loved ones needs. We do this by first understanding what’s important to you. From understanding clinical, social and even family dynamic aspects of how you see care implemented. We connect all family members communication together to come to an informed decision.

Prior to narrowing down communities that fit your needs, we first personally preview each property to make sure that it meets our high standards and yours. We give you all available information that are available, including the State’s records.

We then accompany you to the actual showings and step into an advocacy role as you make the decision on the community that fits all of your requirements. We even accompany you to the signing of contract and help bring any available professional resources to you. We also guide you to completing the clinical required documentation that are needed prior to your move-in date.

Our job is to make this difficult time an easy and stress free as possible.